Ben Eden (born 1994) is an oil painter trained within the realist tradition. He studied at the London Atelier of Representational Art, and briefly at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy. However most of his development occurred in the period after he left school.

‘Each painting seems to be a new process… as I work, I learn about the subject. I discover its own rules, and rhythms. I discover what is essential. And I discover and distil the qualities that touch the sense of beauty in all of us – the orchestration of light, the mystery of shadow, the harmony of colour and the soft, whispering gradations juxtaposed with sharp, defined shapes.’

Ben was a finalist in the figurative category of the Art Renewal Centre’s 2014/15 Salon, and has exhibited in Mall Galleries and Russell Gallery, London. His work hangs in private collections across the UK and abroad. He is currently based in Woking, Surrey, UK. 

All work is from life.